Prelude Fertility —
Brand Identity Design


Studio: And Repeat
Client: Prelude Fertility
Creative Director: Martin Grasser
Senior Designer: Vina Rostomyan
Photography: Jake Chessum  
Photography: Getty Images
Digital Platform: Sweden Unlimited

Prelude Fertility is dedicated to educating men and women about their reproductive health and provides a range of treatment options to help give everyone a chance to become a parent when they are ready.  Prelude’s national network of fertility clinics offer egg freezing, egg storage, genetic testing,  IVF and egg donation services — all delivered with the highest level of personalized care.

We worked with Prelude to update their brand identity using the logo they already had. The challenge was that their existing “edgy” identity seemed “intimidating” and did not align with their values such as compassionate, supportive, appropriate, positive and humane.

The solution was to return to Prelude’s core values and remove all the unnecessary elements. The question we asked was “What does compassion look like?” and “How can we create a calm and safe environment for people that are already feeling anxious?”
We created a warm color palette with added neutral tones to communicate a positive outlook and calmness. The classical Caslon typeface helped us bring elegance, while Univers added order and clarity. The hand drawn illustrations with organic lines and shapes brought in the human element. And the soft, natural light photography created warmth and a feeling of safety.

We have also collaborated with Sweden Unlimited agency to create a digital platform to further articulate the company's mission while providing clients with easy-to-digest information about their treatment options.

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