Olafur Eliasson, Mat for Multidimensional Prayers —
Book Design


Client: Studio Olafur Eliasson
Artist: Olafur Eliasson
Design: Vina Rostomyan
Photography: Studio Olafur Eliasson
Published at Studio Olafur Eliasson
Images © Studio Olafur Eliasson

Woven from the wool of Icelandic grey sheep, Mat for Multidimensional Prayers is one of only a handful of Olafur Eliasson’s works in textile.
The book is designed as a companion piece to provide context for the artwork and function as a certificate of authenticity. It is the size of a pocket prayer book that is also coincidentally the same size as an iPhone. The book cover is made of felt, bound with wool at the spine and printed on different paper textures to echo the tactile quality of the artwork.

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