Michelle Mishina Photography Studio —
Brand Identity Design


Client: Michelle Mishina 
Photography: Michelle Mishina
Art Direction: Vina Rostomyan
Graphic Design: Vina Rostomyan

Michelle Mishina is a photographer based in both Hawaii and California.  Her work uncovers narratives and stories behind people to reveal the things you wouldn't know unless you were personally close to them. That curiosity manifests itself in her photography, where she strives to tell a compelling story in each image using light and color.

The challenge was to create a brand identity that would stand out from a very saturated market of photography studios but also remain neutral enough to stay in the background and let the photographs shine.
I have collaborated with Michelle  to create an identity that represents her work without being invasive and still reflects her playful personality. The identity easily translates into print, digital or exhibition and plays the role of helping to frame her beautiful work.

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