Google —
Brand Identity & Digital Design for Fuchsia


Company: Google
Team: Fuchsia
Role: Senior Visual Designer

Fuchsia is a modern, open source operating system designed by Google that is simple, secure, updatable, and performant.

I joined Google as a Senior Visual Designer to lead the Fuchsia brand identity design and build a scalable and easy-to-implement design system.  I partnered with cross functional teams to understand the brand needs and challenges from multiple perspectives and created a design system and internal brand guidelines that are simple, flexible and can grow as the brand expands.

This project hasn’t been launched publicly and cannot be shared due to active NDA policies.
During my time at Google, I was given the opportunity to design dynamic presentation templates, marketing and branding collateral for multiple conference and summit events, internal subteam logo systems, and ‘swag’ to further establish brand equity and cohesion. 

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